Built Mamet Tough

Originally published April 17, 2007

Next time you’re in the can and run across the well paroused two-day old want ads, much like the ones that seem so popular in the 2nd floor bathroom of my office, take the section with you – Toby Keith might need some work.

Ford Motor Company has enlisted Pulitzer Prize winning playwright David Mamet to direct new commercials for the Edge. No, not the edge of reason, or even the edge of sanity, but the crossover SUV. You know, the ones that drive on two wheels across building ledges in the commercials laden with buzzwords and poppycock.

Yes, I said Poppycock, get over it.

It seems the new spots, which will debut tonight during a certain singing contest show on that network owned by the devil, are engineered to bring grimy reality and witty banter together in a room with a bottle of scotch and soft-core porn – with the hopes the resulting drunk will bring about a new age of Edge.

We’ll see. At least one of America’s finest writers can still get work, how encouraging. Yes I know, sarcasm is a weak mans wit. I am the 98 lb weakling of the literary world then my friends, kick sand in my face, kick away.

The intriguing part about the new spots is that Mamet didn’t write them. The dialogue was developed by a couple of copywriters at J. Walter Thompson Co., the Ford ad agency. The pair crafted the verbiage based on “the Mamet style”, Dirty Dave read it, liked it and didn’t change a word. His contribution to the project is solely as director.

I must admit I’m intrigued, worried, but intrigued. I would hate to see mighty Mamet fall in a haze of bubble gum pop 30 second spots rather than a hale of literary brilliance that brings on dimentia, but it is his life after all.

I don’t think I can stomach the AI, but I will keep my eyes open for the commercials. I’m not expecting a resurrection of American Buffalo, but I would venture to guess the new spots will be more entertaining than a douche bag in a flashy shirt driving on the side of a high-rise.

I find myself fast-forwarding my own literary career 20 years or so, when I will fall prey (willingly or otherwise) to the wooing temptations of the corporate sponsors. I’m going to set my sights on two products that I believe will blend well with “the Lambie style”

Malt Liquor and Tax Software.

Yes, I am that complicated.

I like a challenge. I like a Mamet. I like a you. Maybe I will soon like the Edge.



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