Insomnia + Cold Medicine

Originally published November 10, 2007

This blog is brought to you by insomnia, keeping me awake since 1997. It is also brought to you by the fact that I mistakenly took day time cold medicine when I should have taken night time cold medicine.

I’ve felt off all day. headache, runny nose, stomach-type issues, lack of energy, etc. Can’t quite put my finger on it, so to be safe I have bombed my system with vitamins and over-the-counter medication designed to alleviate all these symptoms and then some. I suspect I will survive.

I had intended to write about the passing of Norman Mailor, his work, his life, his impact – both on me and the world around him. That seems out of my grasp at the moment, so I’ll have to leave that for another time. But for the record he is dead, he was 84, he won the Pulitzer Prize twice and I just watched a video of him brawling with Rip Torn in a field in the 1970’s.

Insomnia is tricky. It provides me with private time in the middle of night to do what I wish, when I wish, how I wish. The problem is I have too many wishes and not enough energy to do a single one of them.

I could throw in a movie. I could read. I could re-kindle the fire in the yard from earlier this evening. I could play my guitar. I could play pool. I could do laundry.

Each idea exits my head at precisely the same speed which it entered. I have somehow managed to solve the riddle of perpetual motion, it exists, in my skull, right now.

I could really go for a sack of white castles.

I just filled the dishwasher. That was productive. I am giving myself a gold star.

Tonight Jureg and I watched Cool Hand Luke on AMC. It was his first time seeing the film, I can not count how many times I have seen it but I assure you of 2 things – it’s a big number and still not a big enough number. The eating 50 eggs in an hour scene is classic. Fortunately we never have that many eggs in the house.

I am considering heading downstairs to the living room to sleep on the couch while flipping through the channels of what is sure to be stellar television programming, at 3:38 AM, on a Saturday night. Yeah. That’s gonna be either Leave it to Beaver in spanish, that ridiculous infomercial with the twin super-midgets on a yacht, mind-numbing reality TV or Adult Swim.

Have you ever went into the bathroom when it’s pitch-black, stood in front of the mirror, put a flashlight in your mouth and turned it on? It’s fun. You should try it.

The small fake ivory Buddha on my desk is staring at me. He is like a dog in the sense that he will stare at me until I rub his belly. Whenever I do I make a wish….nothing earth shattering or overtly profound, maybe to catch all the green lights in traffic or a chocolate chip cookie, or an autographed photo of Abe Vigoda.

I am typing words for no other reason than I am awake and can not seem to motivate myself to do anything else. You deserve better than this. I’ll stop now. Ok, in a minute.

Colonel Sanders, CVS Pharmacy advanced healing fragrance-free lotion, jughead, that truckin song from Smoky and the Bandit is in my head too, black plastic things, melon ball, Hubert Humphrey, Vanilla beans, ear protection, Bob Dylan, winner winner chicken dinner, white rice. Twice as nice.


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