two scantily clad women, a sandwich board and a child dressed as a chicken….

Originally published May 3, 2007

No, this is not the beginning of the worlds worst dirty joke, this is the essence of a PETA protest that took place outside the Marriot in Troy earlier this week. The Detroit Free Press reported the story Tuesday, the link is below.

It seems the nearly naked women and the child in the chicken costume were protesting KFC outside a vendor conference. When I saw the headline the first thought that came to mind was why wasn’t I alerted of this ahead of time? I keep a lawn chair and a digital camera in my car for this specific reason.

This is one of the more interesting protests I’ve read about recently, I’m not sure what if any progress was made, what social impact or change will come about, but girls in their skivvies screaming about chickens is damn fine entertainment in my book.

I’ve been involved in a few protests myself, always fully clothed, sadly. I may or may not have been arrested hither and yon (4 times if you’re counting, the State of Michigan is), but never in my sign-wielding, mantra-chanting days did I ever garner specific mention in the press. It just goes to show, tits sell papers. And so do tots dressed as farm animals. Unfortunately I am an adult male, so I guess I’ll have to try harder next time. I am open to suggestions…….


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