walking thoughts

Originally published July 22, 2007

walking thoughts

I went for a walk in my neighborhood. Just now. It helps to clear the cobwebs from my mind and put soft foucs on those thoughts that swirl about in my skull, uncertain, and unresolved. I went alone. I often find that when walking alone at night I am able to release little pieces of wisdom that would be otherwise stuck.

The cool, still air was comforting, cooling me without a chill, without wind. The exercise, minimal as it may be in the grand scheme of things, is still beneficial. I feel awake, healthy, enlightened. I was able to disect some moderate troubles with relative ease, as if I were literally walking to the core of what’s troubling me, face it head on and examine it like an art student in a gallery.

The act of walking itself is peaceful. Even had I nothing to ponder it would have been a fruitful endeavor. In this case however it was all the more satisfying, with the small breakthroughs and clarity of a beautiful summer evening in my head and all.

There have been moments lately where I have misconstrued random acts of random people. I have taken umbrage when I should have taken pause. I have allowed negativity to rush in and hold my attention when I should have been basking in the glow of others small victories. I have been off center. But I am aware, and recognize that these moments are opportunities to be a better man. Going forward I intend to do my best to make that the case.

The low hum of traffic from the freeway is in my ear now. Funny, it wasn’t as I walked. Our house is directly adjacent to a highway, the noise should be bothersome, but I find it more a constant and soothing white noise. I can’t explain it, but it is.

These tones, this endless rhythm reminds me of so many paraphrased sentiments of life in general….time marches on, this too shall pass, over a long enough timeline, etc. Each time I am cognizant of this sound I will remember these thoughts, and the underlying ideal – life continues, and that is a blessing. While it can at moments be rife with snap judgments and off-centered analysis, it is now and always will be a work in progress. The beautiful thing about a work in progress is the ability to edit, revise, modify, examine, and even ponder.

Today is a good day.


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