Taking Flight

The logistics
Practicality before passage
The bags are packed 
Not hastily but still just in time
compartmentalized art a puzzle built in tight spaces

By land before by air
My wheels take me there the route familiar
Park walk wait shuttle screen walk arrive

I find a quiet place at the gate
and the music begins
It is in my ears
It is in my head and running through me
It circulates through and makes a home
The notes underscore me
The lyrics penetrate and exfoliate

The proletariat functions all around
People pass documents and nod and announcements are made
All these possessions find space
All these limbs find space
Every inch is full as planned

The peace is rising in me now
Harmony between function and essence
I am in my seat and the world will move as I remain still
Winter will exit
The scalding sun will receive me just off the equator

Beleaguered hardened workers in blue and orange and white
Toil beneath this bird
The short cab trucks lurch and rumble
Signals come to life from limp batons
Planes and trucks align off the terminal in rank and file
We join
We are closer now

Heavy white in thin layers
Snow covers the pavement and the grass and the everything
More is falling

White trucks with yellow arms mechanical and compact
The great arms open
The biceps stretch 
Their length is full now and the beast takes aim
Deicing begins with a cloud of chemicals
Dispersed in the air 
The nozzle begat an explosion of mist and liquid and foam
It billows clear then pink then green

I am deep in myself now
I've descended
The gaslight shines inside below the monotony
The music is in me
I am full with it
I am in time in tune there is resonance
I receive it with greed and lust
Give me more

The words of Ferlinghetti dance across my eyeballs
The words enter me and dance a great dance with the music
They mix and tangle in perfect harmony
I am warm
I am aglow
I am ready for flight

I release the missives to friends in text
Hatched from the best part of me
I am alive

The spray and the foam reach the wings and the window
At once there is nothing but mist in the forefront
And then the mist is gone
We are prepared now

The yellow head goes quiet
The arm retracts and the truck retreats into the white 
The truck retreats into the white and we take aim
For the runway
We are ready
I am ready

I have longed to be here
In this moment
Where I am strong and

I want to take flight
To rise and soar
There is more
Out there in front of me
I will embrace and tackle
I will tinker and fret
I will engage and conquer and retreat and absorb
It all makes sense

Right now
In this moment

My eyes return to the window and the runway is before us
We sit
We strangers
A brotherhood that will breach the sky in this dragon
The fins flex a final stretch
Flight attendants prepare the cabin for departure

The engines ROAR
We remain still in the enormous noise
Yawping beneath us
We will CHARGE

Our acceleration is demonstrative
The clouds hear and look down to see us
We are coming
A magnificent burst from the turbines and we advance

RAGE against drag
and release our velocity
We are physics now

My eyes water
Lips are tight
The music plays and the high noon sun 
Everything is real
I take it all in

A blur of white that was still snow covered grass
We rise nose first
We are not of this earth now
We belong to the sky

Right then it struck me
True and fierce
Kafka was right
The miracle remains forever possible

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