A City Fire In Late October

2014-10-28 00.26.50

October 27th was unseasonably warm in the day, and particularly comfortable in the evening. The kind of night where a fire felt just right.

2014-10-28 00.33.57

With remanded wood from deserted campers, and fallen limbs of the backyard from summer storms, I filled the barbecue grill. The highway in the backdrop.

2014-10-27 22.42.12

Fill the ash can with leaves, line the bottom grate with small sticks, build as required –  one light, one fire

2014-10-28 00.29.00

It was raucous in the bowl. The flames sliding up the sides, skateboards on a half pipe, waves in a marina.

2014-10-28 00.25.22

Then the winds came, and came and came. Strong and steady towards the northeast.

2014-10-28 00.32.43

I left so much in the flames. Beyond the aesthetic fire serves a grand purpose. The disposing of things, both violent and neat. Let it all go, let it all be gone.

2014-10-28 00.16.52

It died in brilliant red embers, as every good fire does.


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