The Middle Game

In my twenties I played a fair amount of chess. I had a mentor who fervently decried “it’s all about the middle game, always watch the middle”.

As we engage over executive orders on immigration, public safety, the affordable care act (and patient protection) and ethics, do not sleep on the EO regarding reducing regulation. This, is the middle game, the one most destined to affect your wallet.

The EO promotes the idea of enact 1, repeal 2, a concept simple enough to ensnare support from every entrepreneur and tax payer who thinks big government is out to hurt us. Cut the red tape, expand opportunity, open the fast lane to economic growth. This is the mating call.

Lest we forget the absence of sufficient regulation in the banking and mortgage industry of the early aughts paved the way for the great recession, and pushed our capitalism within the point of failure. Lest we forget the new administration and both houses of Congress are “controlled” by those who want less regulation in these industries. Members and puppets of Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and others are in leadership positions, who want the financial market wide open to gambling, unrestricted borrowing and leveraging of artificially rated assets.

If I’ve lost you, go watch the big short. The guys doing the shit that makes your head hurt, they love this idea of 1 in, 2 out. The principle is well crafted regulation will replace splintered existing regulation, streamlining the process. The reality? Those who play financially on a field you have no access to will enact regulation that benefits them, while eliminating two fold that which will protect you.

Be aware. Be awake. While they wear out our attention spans with big news on big ideas that enrage the division of our conscious, they will slyly push through the most elitist reorganization of the financial markets we’ve seen in our lifetime. Just watch. It’s all about the middle game.


One thought on “The Middle Game

  1. Be the first to like this, because no one ever has!!!! Do you consider your son at all with every single lie you tell??? Of course not. You actually want to tell him about your fake terminal cancer. Do you realize he is more aware than you will ever know? Do you care that as a man, as a father, you have taught him NOTHING about how to be a man??? All I can say is Thank God for Bill Givens. He’s all the father that boy needs.


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